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Vitamin C Orange Flavored Chewable Gummys

Vitamin C Orange Flavored Chewable Gummys

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100% new and high quality!

Brand Name: HFU

Type: Vitamin C Gummie

Ingredients: oranges, apples, vitamin E, vitamin B, corn syrup, sugar, water, corn gelatin, citric acid, etc.


1. Taking vitamin C in an appropriate amount can have anti-aging, whitening and beauty effects

2. Vitamin C jelly can promote the absorption of iron and calcium, improve immunity and antioxidant

3. Promote collagen synthesis and promote wound healing

4. Protect the liver, promote the synthesis of liver cells and the synthesis of liver glycogen, improve the function of liver cells to fight virus invasion, and improve the liver's ability to detoxify

Men, women and children all need to increase vc to boost immunity and be healthier

Dosage: 2 ~ 3 capsules a day, it is better absorbed if taken on an empty stomach or two hours after meals

1x 10/30/60PCS Vitamin C Gummie (according to your choice )

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